Les Urban

​​Booking: Flint Creek Music
847-826-2834 Chicagoland
815-669-7424  Nashville

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​​​Celebrating 35 years of delivering our special brand of Countryfried Rock & Roll !!!

Bobby Diamond

Gary Donnelly

Rich Nelson

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 3/25/15  The Morton Arboretum, 4100 S. Illinois Route 53 Lisle, Illinois, 5:30

 The "Woods & Wine" series is ALWAYS a great time. Click on the link to the Morton Arboretum for details. Having been designated as "friends of the Morton Arboretum", we look forward to seeing all our friends in the Lisle area.

5/02/15 The Firewater Saloon 6686 Oliphant, Chicago, Illinois, 7:00.

The White Saddle Band has been invited to be part of the
"North By Northwest Highway Music Fest" in beautiful Edison Park. 3 days,
4 clubs, non-stop music from over 45 bands. THIS is gonna be something!!!!! 

6/09/15 Old Town Park, 111 Third Street, Bloomingdale, Illinois, 7:00
A block South and a block West of Lake Street and Bloomingdale Road,
Old Town Park is a well guarded secret. Locals know that it's a GREAT setting
for a Summer night of music...great stage, great lawn area and on this particular night, great music by The White Saddle Band. Thanks again Jo...

6/18/15​  Private event, Schaumburg, IL.
If you'd like The White Saddle Band to play YOUR event, give a call to our friends at
​Flint Creek Music (847-826-2834, or 615-669-7424 in the Nashville area) and they'll take care of everything.

6/25/15  Bandshell, 2400 Dowie Memorial Drive, Zion, IL. 7:00
We're always glad to be back at The Zion Bandshell. It's another one of
our Summertime traditions that I guess one aquires after 35 years in the game. It's a VERY nice facility, c'mon out and see for yourself...

7/10/15  Oak Park, Main & Ottawa, Niles, Illinois, 6:30
Thanks Laurie for being a great friend of The White Saddle Band and having us back once again. This gig has become a tradition, with lot's of great memories...Kurt arriving in a Police car, the "Great Llama Chase" and many more. See ya in the park...

 7/14/15   Main Beach, 300 Lake Shore Drive, Crystal Lake, Illinois, 7:00
 A wonderful way to spend a Summer evening. People tie their boats to the  pier to listen to the band, lots of seating and lawn space, and of course every
 one cheers our ace pedal steel guitarist, Crystal Lake Home Boy, Les Urban.

7/22/15 ​Veteran's Memorial Park, East Richmond St & Linden Avenue,
Westmont, Illinois, 7:00
We're looking forward to seeing all our friends from this part of the world.
'Course you could pack up the Winnebago and come out too!

7/25/15  Woodhaven Lakes, 509 LaMoille Road, Sublette, Illinois 7:00
West of DeKalb, East of Davenport, yep...it's a ROAD TRIP!!!!! for your pals,
The White Saddle Band. We look forward to playing for the town of Sublette, it looks great on Google, I'll bet it's even BETTER in person!

8/06/15 ​Turner Park Gazebo, 81 East Devon, Roselle, Illinois, 6:30
We've always had a great time playing in Roselle, from our shows at
Vine Tastings, to the GREAT Cooper house concerts. We're looking forward
​to seeing all of our Roselle friends at Turner Park.

8/09/15 LAST MINUTE!!!!!!!
Lake Bluff Gazebo, across from the Police Station, Lake Bluff, Illinois, 6:00
It's been quite awhile since we've played Lake Bluff and we're glad this last minute opportunity came along. 

9/09/15 U.S. Cellular Field, 35th & Shields Chicago, Illinois 4:30
It's been some time, but we're back at Comisk...uh U.S. Cellular Field
to play the pre-game party. And a party it is, just outside the main
entrance. C'mon out and enjoy an evening at "The Cell" with 
The Chicago White Sox, a hot dog, a couple of beers and
​The White Saddle Band!!! P.S....We'll be assisted by our friends
Chicago Urban Legends, Diamondback for this gig.


9/12/15 Cicero October Fest, 4949 W. Cermak, Cicero, Illinois, 6:15
We'll be at the Cicero Town Hall to Celebrate October in September with
everyone in beautiful Cicero, Illinois. This is a very well attended fest and,
I'm told, QUITE the party. C'mon out and party with us!!!!!

10/25/15  ​Private Affair, Schaumburg, Illinois
If you want The White Saddle Band for YOUR private affair, just give a call
to Flint Creek Music at 847-826-2834 or 615-669-7424
​(in the Nashville area).

12/02/15  The United Center, 1901 W. Madison. Chicago, Illinois 5:30
The Bulls pregame has ALWAYS been a major party. We've played 
quite a few over the years and look forward to this one. We'll
be assisted by members of Chicago Urban Legends, Diamondback for
​this gig

12/05/15  The Morton Arboretum, 4100 S. Illinois Route 53 Lisle, Illinois, 5:30
ALWAYS a great time, click on the link to the 
Morton Arboretum for details. Having been designated as "friends of the Morton Arboretum", we look forward to seeing all our friends in the Lisle area.


  • Walkin' Away a Winner3:33
  • Grace of God5:10
  • Beer in Mexico5:01
  • Old Time Country 4-6-103:58
  • Take It Easy 10-21-114:06
  • Wicked Game 10-21-114:22