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We're on our Winter hiatus. If you REALLY want us, basically anywhere, we'll be more than happy to dress appropriately and party with you anytime. If you wanna make sure you get to see The White Saddle Band in 2017, BOOK US!!!!!!! Whether it be a concert venue, a festival, a club or bar, a house concert, somebody's birthday or the kick ass party your crazy Uncle Harry made you promise to have when on.

Just look over to the right, scroll up a bit and find our number, let's
talk it over and come up with an event that'll have 'em talking for years!!!!

4/07/17  The Village Club, 4221 Lawn Avenue, Western Springs, IL, 7:00
This is a fundraiser for The Cossitt Elementary School. We'll have line
dance instruction and too much fun. Stay tuned for more information on contact info for reservations. We used to play at Spanky's in Western Springs YEARS ago...It's great to finally be back!!!!!!

7/27/17  Turner Park Gazebo, 81 East Devon, Roselle, Illinois, 6:30
We've always had a great time playing in Roselle, from our shows at
Vine Tastings, to the GREAT Cooper house concerts. We're looking forward
to seeing all of our Roselle friends at Turner Park.

7/28/17  Oak Park, Main Street, East of Milwaukee Ave, Niles, IL 6:30
We've played this gig for many years, always looking forward to it as a part of our Summer. We weren't able to do this show last year and it was sorely missed. We're looking forward to returning to Niles and playing for all of our friends at Oak Park



​​Listen !!!

​​Booking: Flint Creek Music
847-826-2834 Chicagoland
815-669-7424  Nashville

  • Walkin' Away a Winner3:33
  • Take It Easy 10-21-114:06
  • Grace of God5:10
  • Beer in Mexico5:01
  • Old Time Country 4-6-103:58
  • Wicked Game 10-21-114:22